KALLITECHNIKI IFADIS DIMITRIOS is a traditional enterprise of many years in artistic metal casting and processing.

Our journey started at Piraeus 104, Gazi, in 1935, with the founder Ifadis Dimitrios, who together with a team of experienced craftsmen and his excellent know-how in the casting and processing of metal, begins the manufacture of folk art items.

Our enterprise took part in international exhibitions, winning great awards and a gold medal (1952-1953 Thessaloniki).

The company moved to Orfeos Street in Votanikos, in 1975, where the founder’s two sons (Kostantinos and Nikolaos Ifadis) took over.

In the mid-1980s (1982), his youngest son, Nikolaos Ifadis, continues on the same site under the name KALLITECHNIKI- Ifadis Nikolaos.

In 2012, the grandson of the founder, Ifadis Dimitrios, took over, maintaining his name and respecting his grandfather’s reputation and also operating in the same establishment under the name‘KALLITECHNIKI Ifadis Dimitrios’.

In 2014, taking advantage of the experience of many years, the younger generation (Dimitrios and Christina Ifadis) wanting to get in touch with the art lovers, create the  “Athens Shop” , in the historical center of Athens at Plaka  82 Adrianou str.


With artists:

Vassilaki, Korovesi, Patsoglou, Karavouzis, Sarantopoulou,Morali, Kougioumtzis, Lappas, Liti, Megoulas, Golfinopoulos, Maniatakos, Dikefalos, Skalkotos

With the Ministry of Culture (OPEP) for the manufacture of replicas for Greek museums.

Prizes and business gifts for:

Mega, Ant1, Skai, Star, Athens International Airport, Nova, Ethnos, Athinorama, Pfizer, Giba, Geigy.

We also supply shops dealing in museum replicas and metal fork art.