Macedonian Kopis

The ancient Greek kopis was one of the main weapons of the Greeks , such as Alexander the Great .
The characteristic of the cut is it curved asymmetrical blade. It’s structure created an extra impulse similar to that of a ax, but differing in the center of gravity ( The center of gravity of the cutter is located about in the mid-lower curved it while it’s axe on its head) and served to break shields and dissect enemies.
Moreover, the handle of kopis is structured so that the hand of the hoplite ¨nestles¨ in it , not losing it to slip.

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Details :

Height on stand : 16.5 cm
Height of the sword : 58 cm
Width of the sword : 8 cm
Weight : 2.460 kg ( with the marble base )
1.075 kg ( only the sword )


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